Top 5 common sitting position- What does your sitting position talk about personality

What does your sitting position talk about your personality? According to a psychologist, your sitting position is an unconscious action that comes from your subconscious part of the brain.  Our sitting position sub consciously manifests our hidden intention and wishes. Your sitting positions reveal much more about you than you thought.

I will discuss what people’s intention shows by the way they placed their legs while sitting are.

In this article, I will discuss 5 most common sitting positions and their psychological meaning.

Position 1:-Knees together feet apart

There are many people who often sit in this position, who live by the perception that if something happens that something will resolve itself that’s why they have to face many problems due to this approach.

These people have a charming personality, and people love their company. These people are extremely easy to talk to they are not boring. However these people are bit childish, they often speak first then think consequences of their word.

These folks are very creative and they frequently change their job. It is very difficult for them to focus on one project for long-time.Knees together feet apart- sitting position

Position 2:- Legs crossed

Those people who sit in legs crossed position are dreamers; they have a great imagination, dreaming all kinds of things they want. People often called them the soul of the company. They are always full of ideas; they easily solve problems by their amazing ideas. People often appreciate their active imagination.

They love to travel and easily make friends wherever they go, they take a decision quickly, and they tend not to think before they start something. It’s normal for them to change something about themselves without fear of consequences. They quickly change their appearance, partner, business, city and even state all of this is completely normal for them.legs crossed - sitting position

Position 3:- Feet together knees apart

These people are more about comfort; they love to spend their weekends on home because comfort is more important for them. They think a lot before committing their selves to any work because they love to do work with perfection. They are very selective and fussy, they often like the idea of what people call chaos but for them it is logical. If you visit their home, it seems like disorganized but for them, there is a logic behind this chaos, they can find everything they need even with their closed eyes. These people main weakness is an inability to concentrate for a longer period of time. Moreover, they easily go off the topic without finishing the conversation that’s why people consider them arrogant but actually they are not arrogant but they can’t focus for a longer period of time.feet together knees apart- sitting position

Position 4:- Legs together

Those people who sit in legs together position despite lateness in themselves and others. They are highly intellectual, smart and sensitive. They are not comfortable to show their feelings in public.

People who sit in legs together position and relying on an entire foot tend to be direct and neat hearted. If in this position relying on heels then this person tends to be reserved and difficulty in communication.legs together- sitting position

Position 5:- Legs together tilted to one side

Those people who sit in this position don’t rush into things. They live by the perception everything will happen at the time. They are very persistent to their goals although many see it as stubbornness. You never give up in half way until they achieve their goals. They are very confident and ambitious they work hard to achieve their goals.

They care about a lot about their personality, and they are very concern about their outer appearance. They seem to very confident but they have minute insecurity about their look and they are very vulnerable to handle criticism.Legs tilted to one side- sitting position


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