What career is right for me?

Choosing right career is one of most important decision in your life, if you choose right career then you can get all the luxuries and lifestyle you were thinking of; but if you make wrong decision then you have to struggle a lot and might be you will be struggling to get basic things like food, shelter, and clothes.
But how to know which career is right for you? Because in every field there is a possibility to make a good career but stills people fail to establish a successful career. We need to understand we were born with different skill set. So we all have a chance to establish successful career but we need to know which things distinguish ourselves from others and we have to find our talent or skill we were born with and then we need to polish our skills to get our ultimate career goal.
Face reading can help us to find our skills and talent, you may have noticed with some people are good at marketing while some people have a hard time in marketing. Some people are very good in creative things but they are quite bad in social things. The problem is we are not self-analyzing ourselves and we are rushing to become successful but don’t know how. It’s not necessary if someone is successful by following specific path than you can also be successful by following the same path. Might be you will be successful by following others path but if you understand what job you were born then you will be successful as well as you will be creating milestones.
In this article, i will tell you how we know for which career we were born and how face reading will help us to know our inherent talent and skills. Here I will talk about 4 major categories of careers in which almost all careers come in. Below I am mentioning all those 4 categories:-
1) Artist-Actors, painters, writers etc.
2) Analytical– Engineer, Charted accountant any detail oriented work.
3) Communication– BPO jobs, radio jockey, actor, teacher, therapist, minister etc
4) Physical – marketing, contractor, wrestler, sports person, armed forces etc
Our face is a mental-emotional map that means what we think and what we express all those things reflects in our face but we don’t know how to decode this mystery. Face reading will help us to solve this mystery.


There are some facial features which are very common among artistic personalities if you have those facial features that reflect your artistic nature that means you were born for artist career and you will perform better in an artistic career if you choose your career in the artistic field.
Here I am explaining some artistic facial features.

1.1) Widow’s peak-

These people are creative and they love to work with a free will. They don’t like to micro managed and they don’t like to follow rules and management structure. These people perform if you allow them their space. They think out of the box that’s why they are very good in an artistic career where creativity involves.widows peak-face reading

1.2) Forward Ears-

People who have forward ears they are very much interested in music, in face reading forward ears represents an interest in music. If an individual has left ear is forward then he loves to play guitar or any other instrument for a hobby while if an individual has right ear is forward then he will take music at the professional level.forward ears-face reading

1.3) Large eyes-

In face reading large eyes represents emotional, sensitive and warm hearted personality, sometimes those characteristics are essential for an artist. For example, a music composer should have better understandings of emotion to create a masterpiece.big eyes-face reading

1.4) Long thin ears-

These people have very much artistic taste, there is a strong possibility, and these people make their career in interior designing. If these people choose their career in interior designing then there is strong possibility to become successful for them.long ears- face reading

2) Analytical

There are some key characteristics which are essential to be a successful analytical career. Detail oriented nature, precision and focus these are some key features which are very important to be a successful career in technical, IT, mechanical, engineering and charted accountant sector. Now I will discuss some facial features which show analytical nature in an individual. If you have those features then you have great chances to build your career in analytical jobs.

2.1) Close set+ small eyes-

In physiognomy, small eyes indicate detail oriented nature and precision. Close set eyes indicate focus in nature when a person has both features close set eyes and small eyes that show the individual is detail oriented and focused. Those people are a perfect candidate for analytical jobs.close set eyes- face reading

2.2) Narrow nose bridge-

In face reading (physiognomy) narrow nose bridge shows perfectionist. These people are perfectionist they take care every minor detail to make thing perfect.narrow nose bridge- face reading

2.3) Large wide forehead-

People with large wide forehead are a planner, organizer, and strategist. This facial feature is very common among big industry heads like CEO, managing director, political leaders and bureaucrats.large wide forehead- face reading

3) Communication

That profession where you need to communicate with people directly or indirectly come under communication jobs. For example, BPO, radio jockey, sales person, teacher, and therapist are the professions where you need to communicate with people and your success depends upon your communication skills. Now I will discuss some facial features which indicate your inherent gift of communication.

3.1) Rounded Hairline-

People with rounded hairline are people oriented they have a big social circle. They have long term friendship; they have some friends since childhood.rounded hairline-face reading

3.2) Naso-labial line-

They are a very good speaker, they exactly know how to express their thoughts in an impressive manner. These people are very articulated. They are very clear and they know what to say.naso labial line- face reading

3.3) Ball on nose tip-

These people who have this facial feature, they are a center of news, and they have all updates and news about their surroundings and colleagues. Those people have a good influence in society that’s why people tell them everything.ball on nose tip-face reading

3.4) Thin upper lip+ fuller lower lip-

These people are good with secrets, they don’t share secrets with others. You can share your secrets with them, they don’t share confidential information.big lower lip-face reading

3.5) Big ears-

They are a very good listener, for effective communication you need to be a good listener. People with big ears perform better as counselor and therapist.

4) Physical

You may have noticed some people are good with outdoor and marketing things while some people have very hard time in marketing. While putting so many efforts some people not able to sustain in the marketing field, however, some people without putting so many efforts performs very well in marketing. So what the reason some people not able to establish their career in marketing while putting so many efforts. Simply, an answer is inherent skills of marketing; some people were born with those skills so a little push of efforts makes their job easier in marketing.
Here I will discuss about some facial features which indicate your ability to perform better in field work. If you have this facial feature then you should have to excel your career where physical effort is involved for example contractor, marketing agent, sales man, wrestler, sports person etc.

4.1) Thick hair+ Thick eyebrows-

A presence of these two facial features in any individual indicates a high degree of testosterone that means good endurance. These people are abrupt and rugged they love outdoors. These people are an ideal candidate for field job.thick eyebrows- face reading

4.2) Strong and large jaws-

These people love physical activities and they have very strong determination power.square jaw- face reading

4.3) Strong philtrum+ Thick eyebrows-

Combination of these two facial features is another indicator of a high degree of testosterone. These people can work in long working hours. They have very strong physical endurance.philtrum-face reading

I explained all 4 major professions and facial feature related to these professions if you have more than 2 facial features related to any specific profession that means you will perform better in that specific profession. For example, if any individual has rounded hairline, Naso-labial line and thick upper lip+ thin upper lip that means he was born with inherent skills of communication career. May be you have some facial feature for an artistic career and some facial feature for an analytical career, that means you have the ability to establish a career in artistic and analytical career but it depends on how you polished your skills. I have some facial feature related to artistic career and some facial feature for an analytical career, so let me tell you, I am an engineer and i love to make YouTube videos and i have an interest in occult science also. Being engineer you have to be analytical and interest in occult science shows my artistic nature also.
That’s all i want to say, this is my first article on insightface.com i hope you guys like this post.

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